Port Neches-Groves has a rich tradition of academic and athletic excellence. The Port Neches-Groves Athletic Booster Club (“PNGABC”) members believe that academics and athletics go hand in hand for the success of our children. PNGABC is dedicated to the continued support of our student athletes, coaching staff, trainers, and athletic department programs.

PNGABC plays a vital role in sustaining and advancing school and community spirit and all athletic programs at Port Neches-Groves High School. PNGABC believes extracurricular activities are a vital part of the learning process and supports all sports involved at PN-G High School.

PNGABC is dedicated to promoting staff, parent and community involvement to provide the funding and volunteerism necessary to give PN-G student athletes the resources needed to maximize their potential.

PNGABC’s mission is to encourage teamwork, good sportsmanship, and to promote high standards of integrity among all of our student athletes, as well as support student and parent involvement in athletics as active participants, members, spectators and volunteers.

What does the Booster Club Do?

The PNG Booster club is the ONLY organization that is authorized by UIL to purchase and distribute items to benefit student athletes. All other parent run organizations can only be used to raise money for scholarship’s. The Booster club was formed to help parents and the community show their support by providing additional resources to our athletes outside the Annual budgeted items for PNGISD.

Some examples of the items we have provided for the 2018-19 school year:

  • VOLLEYBALL – Chick-Fil-A for Spike Fest Tournament
  • BASEBALL – Money towards new uniforms.
  • BASKETBALL – iPads and mounts for filming games
  • SOCCER - Huddle video for spring sports
  • FOOTBALL – Annual football banquet
  • TENNIS – Ball machines
  • ALL SPORTS - Hot & Cold Tub for training room
  • ALL SPORTS - Sideline chairs

** many more items – over $175,000 worth in the last 5 years

% of Funds Donated over the last 5 yrs
Football = 20%
Soccer = 10%
Baseball = 7%
Track = 7%
Other = 6%
General Student Activities = 50%

How does the Booster Club Operate?

We operate under set by laws governed UIL. We are held to strict guidelines as to how we generate and distribute funds. The Booster club has a Board of Directors that are voted on bi-annually. These volunteers help manage the various actions and decisions that are made throughout the year.

How does the Booster Club make money?

Our main source of revenue is the home side concession stand at the stadium. During Football, Soccer, and Track – we generate over $75,000/year. These funds are used to for food, supplies, and donations to ALL PNG sports and any student group that volunteers to work during games.

Another source of revenue is membership fees. Each year we reach out to the community and parents to join up and be a part of this adventure to support our kids. These funds help us to advertise and purchase supplies to keep improving the Booster Clubs ability to operate and provide for our athletes.

How are the donations given out?

Since we are operating under the guidance of the UIL, we must ensure that all donations are well documented and fall within the acceptable limits of these rules. To do this, we have a strict funding request that is followed prior to giving out any donations.

  • All request must be routed to the Athletic Director for Boys or Girls Sports. Once the Director approves this, it is routed to the PNG Superintendent for approval before being presented to the Booster Cub.

** this policy allows full transparency for request at the highest level within the district.

How can I help support PNG Athletics?

Join up, volunteer to serve on the board, volunteer to help at special events.

  • Help pass the word across the community.
  • Donate your time to work the concession stand
  •  Donations are always helpful.

PNGABC's 2019-20Board of Directors

Brett Reeves – President

Kyle Adams – Vice-President
Ashlee Segura – Treasurer
Stephen Townsend – Secretary
Stacie Adams
Jon Jones
Jennifer Lyles
Amy Priddy
Troy Priddy
Mike Rogers
Holly Sartin
David Schaper
Alan Simmons
Kirk Vasquez
Jay Williams

We can all help......

Become a member of the PN-G Athletic Booster Club and help the kids in our amazing athletic programs.  Be a part of a program that truly gives back......be a part of PNGABC.